Google acquista OCLC

Qualche giorno fa evocavamo la paura di qualche commentatore del potenziale fascista di Google. Beh, ragazzi, stavolta a Mountain View ci sono andati pesanti: HANNO ACQUISTATO OCLC! Questo non può che portare a un mutamento di rotta decisivo per le biblioteche e i bibliotecari ed è un segno dei tempi (nonché un’istantanea del trend evolutivo del nostro universo?). Occorre capire, riflettere… Intanto dall’annuncio di TechSource:

“(…) Some changes will be more immediate than others, including cosmetic changes you can already see if you visit sites such as WorldCat and FirstSearch. The OCLC home page began redirecting to late last night, and new logos are beginning to appear online. There weren’t many details in the announcement and the terms have not been disclosed yet, but here’s what we know so far.

  • As of today, WorldCat has been renamed “Google Library” and every work ever published is now available for full-text searching in the system. Publishers are already crying foul and their lawyers are furiously filing lawsuits, but our reading of copyright law and the fact that Google has added the name “library” to the product means the lawsuits will ultimately fail.
  • QuestionPoint will be renamed “Google Answers” thereby reviving the defunct service. This will finally allow librarians to truly “go where their users are” while also allowing Google to integrate AdSense into the reference interview. Officials at Google reassured us that patron privacy will be held to the same standard in which current Google users’ privacy is protected. Fulfilling QuestionPoint’s original mission, the 24/7 virtual reference network will remain “a source of unique centralized knowledge resources built by a collaborative network of member libraries,” but the back-end will be rewritten using the Google Talk client as the base. Expect integration into Google It All in Q3 of this year.
  • The fate of the Dublin Core initiative is unknown at this time, although it is promising that it was renamed “Cupertino Core”. Officials admitted that CoreRank is their best hope to keep Google ahead of the search engine pack.”

Che dire? E’ la notizia più sconvolgente, anzi, direi incredibile dell’anno! (Ah, dimenticavo… Occhio alla data di pubblicazione ;-)

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    I commenti di Hectic Pace e Karen Schneider


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