Creative Commons for open educational resources

Creative Commons are launching a new division called CC Learn, which will extend the work they’ve been doing to support open educational material and repositories – kindergarten through lifelong learning. The initiative is made possible by the support of the Hewlett Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.

CC Learn will be more focused on teaching materials, while their work on open access to the scholarly literature will remain part of the Scholar’s Copyright project in the Science Commons division.

CC Learn‘s immediate goal is to work with those who already provide open educational resources to remove or mitigate barriers to combining or remixing content from different open collections, to make material more interoperable, to speed up the virtuous cycle of use, experimentation and reuse, to spread the word about the value of open educational content, and to change the culture of repositories to one focused on “helping build a usable network of ontent worldwide” rather than “helping build the stuff on our site.” (M.Carroll via SPARC mailing list)


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