Happy birthday!

Today is The Geek Librarian‘s birthday: last year, February 23rd, I wrote my first post on this blog. After a year I can say I consider this job very exciting, as I continue to write every day – or so – and still get from blogging satisfaction and fun.

During this period I met some very interesting people that gave me feedback on blog‘s content, helped me to improve my knowledges and let TGL grow in an exciting and geeky way.

Now there are 200-odd people a day visiting (or getting feeds), reading and commenting this blog, and many came in the last few months involved in topics related to library 2.0 and web trends. I hope I’ll be able to keep TGL‘s posts up-to-date and make them always useful for librarians and information profs community.

Before going to have my birthday party, this time I want you to hear my thanks for your kind attention and care, and not only to read them, so… stay tuned with The Geek Librarian and listen to her voice!
[hey, it’s not my real voice and it’s not my real pronunciation too, but Talkr‘s ones ;-)]

Listen to this article

5 Risposte to “Happy birthday!”

  1. Kagilla Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, geekette!
    I can’t listen to your “virtual” voice at the moment, but I promise I’ll do it tonight!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Blog Bioingegneria Says:

    Happy Birthday my own guru.
    Thank you for this year of tips and tricks


  3. filosoffessa Says:

    Sei una grande! :D

  4. bonaria Says:

    Thank you, grrrls!

  5. The Geek Librarian podcast « The Geek Librarian Says:

    […] The Geek Librarian (information technology + semantic web + folksonomy + open access) * LIS « Happy birthday! […]


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