Credibility of Wikipedia

Last examinations on Wikipedia credibility confirm that we can really trust the collective encyclopedia: in an article on First Monday, Thomas Chesney, lecturer in Information Systems at the Nottingham University Business School, “examines Wikipedia’s credibility by asking 258 research staff with a response rate of 21 percent, to read an article and assess its credibility, the credibility of its author and the credibility of Wikipedia as a whole. Staff were either given an article in their own expert domain or a random article.

No difference was found between the two group in terms of their perceived credibility of Wikipedia or of the articles’ authors, but a difference was found in the credibility of the articles — the experts found Wikipedia’s articles to be more credible than the non–experts. This suggests that the accuracy of Wikipedia is high. However, the results should not be seen as support for Wikipedia as a totally reliable resource as, according to the experts, 13 percent of the articles contain mistakes.”

Read full article on First Monday.

3 Risposte to “Credibility of Wikipedia”

  1. drmike Says:

    Just 13% with mistakes?

  2. bonaria Says:

    mhhh… do you think it’s too high?

  3. sdfjlkjds Says:

    they should do the same with encarta or brittanica or w/e and see what the difference is. so then we know if 13 is high or low.


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