5 Risposte to “Open FRBR: everything will be searchable”

  1. paolo Says:

    I’m not sure I got it completely. And reading the wikipedia page for FRBR I understand that it is not too easy to understand it as a format.

    Is there a unique ideintifier for everything that can stay in a Library?
    Then, why not promoting a centralized wikipedia-like repository (powered by a slightly modified version of mediawiki software) where all the URLs look something like http://frbrpedia.org/unique_identifier_for_thing ?

    Musicbrainz wiki seems to be a bit critic as well ;-)
    “Fortunately, Wikipedia and MusicBrainz were created not by the tired old people who wrote the FRBR specification, but by fresh minds from the filesharing generation. Even if this means some shortcomings in the initial data model (just albums, tracks, and artists), leaving plenty of room for improvement, the important difference is that they are getting the job done, as opposed to just theorizing about it.”

    There is no single reality but as many views of reality as people (sometimes even more) ;-)
    That’s wikiality
    (the very funny video has been removed from YouTube for copyright violation and this is something we should think about). Well, I guess I went “fuori-tema”, as usual, didn’t I? ;-)

  2. paolo Says:

    The last paragraph of the previous comment is a bit out of context, I have to admit it! ;-)

  3. bonaria Says:

    FRBR is a means to go beyond old bibliographic metadata to reach a model able to describing the whole Docu-verse (!). For FRBR the difference between the book Pinocchio and the film Pinocchio and the drama Pinocchio is only a 2nd level-difference. The theoric model starts from (intellectual) Work to get (concrete) Expressions, Manifestations, and Items. I hope Guerrini can help.

    For truthiness and Wikiality (thanks! great philosophical topic): 2 things (from Wikiality page): ” I’m no fan of reality, and I’m no fan of encyclopedias”. I completely agree! ;-)
    I’ve heard of something called…may be…history? but I’m not sure it has ever existed… Being a very tolerant grrl, I believe in individual realites, in Wittgenstein’s linguistic games and I think first there is a word, then a concept and a step ahead, sometimes, the reality… This is very FRBR… ;-)
    [you’re never out of context]

  4. bonaria Says:

    ThingISBN is also a good example of how FRBR works: given an identifier (in this case an ISBN), LibraryThing returns a list of ISBNs from the same “work” (ie., other editions and translations).

  5. Library 2.0 for deletion? « The Geek Librarian Says:

    […] Che dire? Dopo tanti discorsi sul significato filosofico della wikiality, questa mi sembra a dir poco una  gaffe e un segno di decadenza della consensus reality. Trovo incredibile in particolare l’obiezione secondo la quale library 2.0 sia un neologismo che non raccoglie l’unanime consenso della comunità dei wikipedian: come molti commentatori hanno rilevato, il termine è ormai largamente adoperato dalla letteratura biblioteconomica internazionale, e il suo essere nuovo non implica necessariamente che sia poco significativo o rappresentativo. […]


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