Ricerca in OJAX attraverso la Firefox searchbar

From SPARC ML, excerpt from Judith Wusteman on OJAX search features:

“The latest version of the OJAX metasearch service is now tightly integrated with the Firefox 2 / IE 7 search feature. Repositories powered by OJAX can now be searched directly from the browser search bar, with no need to download or configure extensions or plugins.

OpenSearch DiscoveryOJAX now supports OpenSearch Discovery. When a user visits any OJAX repository search page, their browser will automatically detect that the repository can be searched via OpenSearch and will offer to add the repository to the set of search plugins installed in their browser.

Once added, OJAX can be selected in the browser search bar and repository searches can be performed at any time without having to navigate back to the repository search page.

Search Suggestions (Auto-Completion) – Firefox 2.0 has extended the OpenSearch protocol to allow auto-completion in the browser search bar (which Firefox calls “Search Suggestions”). OJAX is one of the first search engines to implement the server side of this extended OpenSearch protocol, after Google, Yahoo! and Answers.com. It is probably the first open source search engine to do so.

Because OJAX 0.6 uses the increasingly popular OpenSearch 1.1 search descriptions, the new features described above require the latest versions of the two major browsers: Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0.”

Read full article of J. Wusteman and Pádraig O’hIceadha Using Ajax to Empower Dynamic Searching. Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL) Vol. 25, No. 2, June 2006, pp 57-64 and my blog post (italian language) OJAX: AJAX per il metasearching.


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