FRBR secondo OCLC e Library Thing

Una delle funzionalità più interessanti sviluppate da OCLC è xISBN, “a library web service that supplies International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) associated with individual intellectual works represented in the OCLC WorldCat database. Give it an ISBN, and it returns a list of associated ISBNs.

Developed by the OCLC Office of Research, this experimental, proof of concept project:

  • explores the value of WorldCat for intellectual work-related data
  • tests the effectiveness OCLC Research’s FRBR Work-Set Algorithm, a freely available algorithm developed by OCLC Research to implement the FRBR model (a model for grouping bibliographic records)
  • helps OCLC and other agencies experiment with web services-based query optimization
  • provides basic functionality on which the OCLC Research library lookup bookmarklet is based.”

Library Thing, sito di social tagging dedicato al mondo dei libri, propone qualcosa di molto simile, e anche, se possibile, di più emotivamente evoluto: thingISBN, “LibraryThing’s answer to xISBN. Under the hood, xISBN is a test of FRBR, a highly-developed, well thought-out way for librarians to model bibliographic relationships. By contrast, thingISBN is based on LibraryThing’s everyone a librarian idea of bibliographic modeling. Users combine works as they see fit. If they make a mistake, other users can separate them. It’s a less nuanced and more chaotic way of doing things, but can yield some useful results.”

Per provare thingISBN, clicca qui (per cambiare ISBN, basta sostituirlo nell’URL), mentre qui trovi una comparazione tra xISBN e thingISBN.

Una Risposta to “FRBR secondo OCLC e Library Thing”

  1. sheri reda Says:

    Can you tell me, for example, what kind of database model library thing uses? Is it heirarchical, since it uses FRBR? or is it a network model?


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