TechXtra and OAI searching protocol

From Roddy MacLeod, Senior Subject Librarian, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh:

“As part of some co-operative work between the Heriot-Watt University and the University of Strathclyde, TechXtra  now cross-searches four static repositories which have been developed through the STARGATE Project.

This is a temporary demonstration of how static repositories can be incorporated into a subject-based service. The four are:

  1. Journal of Digital Information
  2. Information Research
  3. Library and Information Research
  4. Information Scotland 

To cross-search these sources, enter a term and select ‘All’ from the search box drop-down on the TechXtra site, or use the Advanced Search options. Remember that these are relatively small databases, covering information topics.  A sample search for the term ‘resources’ for example, will return hits from each repository, and the full text of items should be available from the sources.
For more information about Static OAI Repositories see the STARGATE website and also Marketing with Metadata: a document produced by the JISC-funded PerX Project.
TechXtra currently cross-searches a total of 32 digital repositories – covering over 4 million items in engineering, mathematics and technology. TechXtra can be used to find articles, key websites, theses and dissertations, books, industry news, new job announcements, technical reports, eprints, learning & teaching resources and the latest research.
Three other new sources have also recently been added to the TechXtra cross-search:  Caltech EERL; DSpace at MIT; Energy Citations Database. A TechXtra latest news RSS feed is available.”

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