Library 2.0 – capturing disruption

Excerpt from D-Lib Magazine, April 2006, Vol. 12, Nr. 4:

Coming Together around Library 2.0 – A Focus for Discussion and a Call to Arms
by Paul Miller

In the library domain, we are seeing […] an increased desire for access to data and services by means other than traditional human interaction with an application's Web interface, and an increased understanding of the possibilities that such access creates.

We are seeing a growing willingness to share data, and a clear imperative to increase the value of the data that we have by making it work harder and by combining data sources in order to discover new value.

We are seeing library vendors, staff, patrons, digital library researchers and more all giving serious consideration to ways in which the value currently locked up so tightly within our systems can be realised and surfaced in a wide variety of ways that extend far beyond the physical walls of the library and the far less malleable virtual walls of its current systems.


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