Hindawi makes 20 journals back volumes free online

From Peter Suber:

"Hindawi Publishing Corporation has acquired the publishing rights of the back volumes of the 20 journals listed below and plans to digitize these back volumes and make them available online as open access articles in a plan to revive these journals as open access journals.

All articles will be "perpetually" free online with no subscription or registration barriers.

  • Active & Passive Electronic Components (0882-7516)
  • Astrophysical Letters and Communications (0888-6512)
  • Cancer Research, Therapy and Control (1064-0525)
  • Carbohydrate Letters (1073-5070)
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy (1070-3608)
  • Engineering Simulation (1063-1100)
  • Geology of the Pacific Ocean (8755-755X)
  • HPB Surgery (0894-8569)
  • Isolation and Purification (1065-6081)
  • Journal of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics (1025-8140)
  • Journal of Information Recording (1025-6008)
  • Laser Chemistry (0278-6273)
  • Metal Physics and Advanced Technologies (1024-9087)
  • Modern Geology (0026-7775)
  • Molecular Materials (1058-7276)
  • Perspectives on Developmental Neurobiology (1064-0517)
  • Physical Separation in Science & Engineering 1478-6478 (1478-6486)
  • Surface Investigation: X-Ray, Synchrontron & Neutron Techniques (1027-4510)
  • Textures and Microstructures (0730-3300)
  • VLSI Design (1065-514X)"


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