Open access statistics

News from OA world.

From Joanne Yeomans, CERN Library, Geneva:
"I just published an article describing CERN's repository statistics for 2006 in Issue 12 of the HEP Libraries Webzine: CERN's Open Access E-print Coverage in 2006 : Three Quarters Full and Counting.
There's also a summary by one of my colleagues of the work we've been doing in the last year: 2005, the Year CERN Ran for Open Access.
It's been an extremely busy time for the small CERN team and 2006 looks like being just the same."

Also interesting the technical report of Antelman et al. (2005) that hand-tested the accuracy of the algorithm Hajjem et al. (2005)'s software robot used to identify Open Access (OA) and Non-Open-Access (NOA) articles in the ISI database.


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