BASE oai search engine

From Urte Kramer, Universitaetsbibliothek Bielefeld:

“We are pleased to announce the latest release of our search engine BASE (Release 3, 1 March 2006), that is now successfully running on a server cluster.

BASE searches over 2.7 million documents from 189 sources. Among them are numerous academic full text archives that are accessible through the international protocol of the Open Archive Initiative (OAI). Most of the documents are freely accessible and can be searched on the basis of metadata or full text.

As a new feature we have integrated hit-related links to the academic search engine Google Scholar. An example: searching for “e-science infrastructure” produces 36 hits. Choose hit number 1 (“The Semantic Grid: A future e-Science infrastructure”) and click on the link “Check this title in Google Scholar”. The Google Scholar hit list is shown and you can now use all functionalities provided by Google Scholar, e.g. + view the articles citing the document (“Cited by 122”) or + view different versions of the article (“group of 26”).

Partly, this search will produce no hits, as BASE indexes some of the sources more completely than Google Scholar does, moreover, some of the sources indexed by BASE are not available in Google Scholar. If your library participates in Google Scholar’s “Library-Links”- programme, there may be shown a link to your library stocks.

Other features offered by BASE are + different options to refine your search results and to sort your hits, + a search history function documenting your queries.

BASE is the multi-disciplinary search engine to scholarly internet resources at Bielefeld University, provided and developed by the Bielefeld University Library and based on technology by the Norwegian company FAST Search & Transfer.”


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