Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005

Anche per il 2005 l’uomo da 20.000$ al giorno, Jakob Nielsen, ha stilato la lista dei web design mistakes. Rispetto alle precedenti, questa versione presenta una novità: nella redazione del celebre elenco Nielsen ha tenuto conto delle segnalazioni e dei suggerimenti dei lettori della sua newsletter; il risultato è perciò una panoramica *collettiva* dei più comuni errori di progettazione dei siti web.
Un assaggio dall’elenco:

1. Legibility Problems

  • Bad fonts … two-thirds of the voters complained about small font sizes or frozen font sizes;
  • about one-third complained about low contrast.

2. Non-Standard Links

  • Make obvious what’s clickable;
  • Differentiate visited and unvisited links.

3. Flash
It’s been three years since I launched a major effort to remedy Flash problems and published the guidelines for using Flash appropriately.

4. Content That’s Not Written for the Web
Writing for the Web means making content

  • short
  • scannable, and
  • to the point

Web content should also

  • answer users’ questions and
  • use common language.

5. Bad Search

6. Browser Incompatibility

7. Cumbersome Forms
Forms are used too often on the Web and tend to be too big.
There are five basic guidelines to this end:

  • Cut any questions that are not needed. For example, do you really need a salutation (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/etc.)?
  • Don’t make fields mandatory unless they truly are.
  • Support autofill to the max by avoiding unusual field labels (just use Name, Address, etc.).
  • Set the keyboard focus to the first field when the form is displayed. This saves a click.
  • Allow flexible input of phone numbers, credit card numbers, and the like.

8. No Contact Information or Other Company Info

9. Frozen Layouts with Fixed Page Widths
Complaints here fell into two categories:

  • On big monitors, websites are difficult to use if they don’t resize with the window:
  • The rightmost part of a page is cut off when printing a frozen page. This is especially true for Europeans, who use narrower paper (A4) than Americans. 

10. Inadequate Photo Enlargement
he worst mistake is when a user clicks the “enlarge photo” button and the sitesimply displays the same photo.”

Insomma…come porre rimedio a questi che, ancora nel 2006, risultano essere gli errori che più frequentemente commettono i webmaster?
Ancora Nielsen:

Back to Basics in Web Design
This year’s list of top problems clearly proves the need to get back to Web design basics. There’s much talk about new fancy “Web 2.0” features on the Internet industry’s mailing lists and websites, as well as at conferences. But users don’t care about technology and don’t especially want new features. They just want quality improvements in the basics:

  • text they can read;
  • content that answers their questions;
  • navigation and search that help them find what they want;
  • short and simple forms (streamlined registration, checkout, and other workflow); and
  • no bugs, typos, or corrupted data; no linkrot; no outdated content.”


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